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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dating in 21 days!

Last week I had a verbal brawl with a close colleague of mine. It was regarding guys in our department at office (including me) not being capable to go on a date with hot, good looking girls.

My first reaction to this whole thing was, as expected, "What rubbish!". It looked like she (colleague) exactly new what my reaction would be, so she immediately came up with a challenge where we need to get a date within a month' s time. In the "heat of the moment" we agreed. Only after things cooled down did I realize the blunder I had made...

Huston!! we have a problem....I had friends who were girls, but girlfriends...hmm none. I always believed that understanding rocket science requires far less talent than to get a date. So it has been a week since the challenge started and still no progress.

I happened to chat with a friend of mine and the topic was this whole episode. He referred me to this site. This is owned by David De Angelo. At a first glance it looks like a very interesting site, with lots of tips on Do's and Don'ts of dating. Something like "Best Practices" session in dating.

Haven't explored the site much...I am bit skeptical on the idea of having a "HOWTO" guide for dating, so it will be interesting to see what part of this is practical and how much is applicable to Indians.


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