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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Kannadave satya, A Kannada folk music extravaganza - My experience

Kannadave satya, A Kannada folk music extravaganza - My experience

It is very rare that I go for a Kannada music concert, One reason for this could be the recent releases of extremely bad, senseless Kannada music, which had punctured my belief of we producing some good Kannada music, so badly that I did not want to waste 1/4 of my weekend by attending a Kannada music concert. So when my brother mailed and instructed me to go to a show called "Kannadave satya" by Ashwath, My initial response was outright no no. After exchanging a few mails back and forth and few phone calls, he convinced me to give it a try. And that is how it all began.

Tickets for the concert:

After we decided that we would be going for the concert, I had to arrange for tickets. It was Friday morning and I had no tickets as yet (Concert was on Saturday). I was a bit concern regarding the availability of the tickets at this point of time, as the tickets were free of cost and free stuff doesn’t last long. So that morning I quickly browsed my bro's mail for the nearest center where tickets were available and decided on "Kadamba" in 4 block Jayanagar.Quickly got ready and was at Kadamba's by around 9.15AM,
went to the cashier and said..
"Ashwath avara show ge yaradu ticket kodi"(Give me two tickets for Ashwath show)

Cashier smiled back..
"Ticket yella kaali sir"(Tickets are not available)

"OH S***" (I said to myself)

me again to cashier..
"Matte yalli sigutte?" (Where else can I get the tickets)

Cashier said..
"Gotilla sir! Eega ticket sigodu swalpa kasta. Townhall hattira try maadi"(I do not know! Getting tickets would be a bit difficult now, but you can try near townhall)

hmm ..that was a good beginning I thought. My next stop was Townhall, but was not sure where to look for tickets. I was hoping for some banners to guide me. I reached there at around 9.45. Luckily, there were huge banners and a huge canvas immediately next to Townhall. There was a pretty big crowd, who were part of the organizing committee of "Kannadave satya" concert (I know that because all were wearing white caps which said "Kannadave satya"). There was also a troupe of around 8 -10 dancers performing folk dance. The coordination between the lead dancer and others, the music from their large drums was absolutely fabulous. I watched the dance and after it completed, approached a volunteer who was wearing the white cap..

"Nanna Hesaru Prashant, Nnage nalina show ge yaradu ticket baku,Illienadru kodatara?(My name is Prashant, I need 2 tickets for tomorrows show, will they issue any tickets here?)

He replied..
"Kodatare..aadare 1/2 gante kayabeku"(they will issue tickets here, but you'll have to wait for 1/2 hour)

I thanked him and was watching the dance, which the troupe restarted. Then after couple of mins..I suddenly saw all the volunteers crowding around a person...It took couple of mins before I realized, the person who was center of attraction was none other that Ashwath himself. There was Photo session (Looked like every one wanted to have a snap with him) with the volunteers and dance troupes and then they requested Ashwath to sign on the huge canvas they had erected. Ashwath promptly picked up a brush and some red paint and wrote "Kannadave satya, Kannadave nanauseru" (Ashwath had royally screwed up the spelling of "Kannadave satya, Kannadave nanauseru", with missing deerga and ya vattu, until Inspector of traffic police came along and silently wisperd in Ashwath's ears to make the necessary corrections). It was close to 10.30AM by then and I was getting late for my office. I then approached another volunteer who introduced himself as Nickel, I asked him on the status of the tickets. He told me to contact a person, whose name I do not remember and said..

"Avaru Kempu jubba hakondidare, avarana keeli, avarahattira yellaendra nanna hattira banne, nnanu nemage ticket kodateeni" (He (person I need to contact) is wearing a red dress, ask him for tickets, if he does not have the tickets, come back to me I'll give you the tickets)

So I hunted this guy in red and asked him for tickets. He was furious at me, not sure why and he said some thing to me of which I did not understand a word and then left. So with no other choice, I went to Nickel again. He was kind enough to give two of his personal passes to me. These were special invitees passes and not the regular ones. I then asked him..

"Ee passugalige Duddu kodabeka?"(Do I have to pay for these)
he said..
So I thanked him and was about to leave, when he called and said..
"Neevu canvas mele yenadru baredra?"(Did you write something on the canvas)
I said..
He replied..
"Dayavittu nimage enuanisutte adannu bareyiri"(Please write anything that comes to your mind)
So I picked up the brush and yellow paint and wrote in bold, big letters..
"Kannadave satya"

At last I got tickets..I left for office and was 11.30 by the time I reached.


The next day, i.e. on Saturday, my parents and I decided to go, my sis and grandfather dropped out as my sis had her exams and my GF was not well. The venue was "Palace Grounds". We started at around 4.30PM from my place. We took an auto from my place to palace grounds. Plan was to go through hosur road, St Marks,golf course road, yelahanka road and reach the destination. I had experience of traveling in ban galore during such mega events (Bryan adams, Sting, Mark Knofler shows), so I expected traffic jams and slow moving traffic, but what I saw was something, which I had never experienced before. The roads starting from Golf course were jam-packed. If I say it was a "slow moving traffic" I will be exaggerating it a trillion times..traffic was that damn slow. It took us more than an hour, which normally takes 15-20mins, to reach the venue. Finally, we made it to the venue at around 6.20PM. It took us another 15 mins to just to cross the road and negotiate the sea of people to reach the entrance gate. We were out of luck here also..the place was jam packed and there were no seats available to sit, forget seats there was no place to stand. We then struggled and made it close to one of the two giant screens. We did not venture further as we were afraid of possible stampede incase of electric fire or rain. People..people..everywhere, right under your nose to on your feet people were every where. I was cursing myself why in the world did I come here! That all changed when the organizers started the show promptly at around 6.35, starting with Kuvempu's "Bharata Jananiya tanujate". At the end of the song I stood there awe stuck. I had heard that song many a times, but it never sounded that good previously. I not sure if it was the ambience or the live music..but it was electric. Then came couple of vachanas and then a potpourri of some of the best songs I have ever heard. Some of the songs that were sung by distinguished singers included;
Darabendre's Kurudu Kaanchaana, which was a group song,

B.R. Laskaman Rao's Amma Nenna Yadealadaali by Supriya Acharaya

Darabandra's Bangara Neera Kadalache

Dr. N.S. Lakshmi Narayan Bhatt's - Nanna Ee Mana by Sangeetha Katti

Dodda Rangegowda's Yariguntu yarigilla, balu bevu bella by SPB

G. V. Shivarudraapa's Yavude Pravaha by Ashwath

Dr. Chandrashekhar Kambar's Kurubara anna by Ashwath and Chorus

Santha Sishunala Sharif's Kodagana Koli Nungittha by Ashwath

Dara Bendre's Gama Gama adasthaava Mallige by Sangeetha Katti

Kuvempu's Nooru Devaranu Nookache doora by Ashwath

H.S. Venkatesh Murthy's HuchhuKodi Manasu

Chandrashekhar Patil's Yello Hutti Yello Beledu by Ashwath

Bara bendre's Shravan Bantu Kaadige, Naadige by Ashwath and Chorus

M.N. Vyasa Rao's Nee Ellade Nanagenide by Sunitha

K.S. Narashimaswamy's Ondu erulu Kanasilali by Ashwath and M.D. Pallavi

Deepavu ninnade gaaliyu ninnade by N.D. Pallavi

K.S. Nissar Ahmed's Naada Deviye, Kande ninna madillali enta drishya

Kuvempu's Satyavatara by Ashwath and Chorus

I just got hooked to it, as they churned out song after other. These songs have out of world lyrics, when combined with good music, they form perfect ingredients for sheer magic and that is what it was.

Some of the other good things that happened in between music were; felicitation of well-known poets and literary figures like SPB, G.S. Shivarudrappa, Ashwath, B.R. Lakshmi Rao, Dodda Range gowda. Also title of "Kavyagayana Saradhara" was given to Ashwath.

Some things I want to forget were the speech by actor Ambarish..he sounded as though he was drunk and speech was bit long and with all irrelevant references and details. Also speech from some one from the sponsoring company was junk and waste of time.

Anchors, Aparna and ???(I don’t remember guys name) did a good job. Short intro of the poet whose composition was sung was helpful.

In short it was a fabulous event. I would have REALLY missed something if I had decided not to go. I only hope such events continue to happen as it reaches out to people like me with a message that, not everything is bad, Kannada music still has that richness, richness of content and quality.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Google's My search History - another geek's toy or Invasion of privacy

I happened to notice the new "sign in" link on the right hand corner of google search home page only today. As usual,was curious to know what was this all about. It turned out to be another new feature, which Google is experimenting with, called "My search History". This
feature is aimed at enabling a user to see a detail view of the his/her past search activity.

It all starts with the login, where I need to key in my credentials like username and password. I can also specify whether my login credentials needs to be saved so that I need not log in again. To do this I can check the "Remember me on this computer" check box. As soon as I log in, the process of my history collection is started by default. I can stop this by hitting the "Pause" option.

At a first glance, I believe it is one more great geek toy. It can customize the search results to reeflect my specific interests , but I am still a bit skeptical about it. I am not at all amused by the fact that Google can track as to what I am searching on the web. Google can build database of user profiles based on their search patterns and target them with specific ads, even worse it could trade this information with others. Also if I am on a shared computer and I happen to goof up with signing in and signing off, I am at a pretty high risk of revealing more information about me, than I actually want.

So its "thumbs down" from me. Really cannot think of any good reason to use this feature.

The CEO -English Phrasebook

There are few thing I would not like to miss on the web. One such thing is the column by Daniel Gross called 'The CEO -English Phrasebook". Here he tries to explain CEO lingo in plain english. A few CEO terms that are explained so far are;

addressing the legacy costs
A transformational event that invites re-examination
Managing for cash
Addressing the legacy costs

This stuff is cool..

Dating in 21 days!

Last week I had a verbal brawl with a close colleague of mine. It was regarding guys in our department at office (including me) not being capable to go on a date with hot, good looking girls.

My first reaction to this whole thing was, as expected, "What rubbish!". It looked like she (colleague) exactly new what my reaction would be, so she immediately came up with a challenge where we need to get a date within a month' s time. In the "heat of the moment" we agreed. Only after things cooled down did I realize the blunder I had made...

Huston!! we have a problem....I had friends who were girls, but girlfriends...hmm none. I always believed that understanding rocket science requires far less talent than to get a date. So it has been a week since the challenge started and still no progress.

I happened to chat with a friend of mine and the topic was this whole episode. He referred me to this site. This is owned by David De Angelo. At a first glance it looks like a very interesting site, with lots of tips on Do's and Don'ts of dating. Something like "Best Practices" session in dating.

Haven't explored the site much...I am bit skeptical on the idea of having a "HOWTO" guide for dating, so it will be interesting to see what part of this is practical and how much is applicable to Indians.