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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Purana Jeans - awakening to the concept of good health

Research at Princeton says and I quote

they(overweight and obese) have about two-thirds and one-half the odds of dating as healthy weight boys,respectively.

Putting it in layman terms, If there is only one hot chick available for a date and if you are suffering from either "Beached whale syndrome"(someone who is unable to do much for himself except lie there with flailing arms and legs) or "Dunlop Syndrome" (belly button lapped over the waistband) or "Michelin's Disorder"(multiple spare tyres), research prophesies dismal probability numbers of you winning that date. So if you wish not to suffer from Acute Prozac Deficiency(a.k.a. depression), its better to assume that she does not exist.

grim stats are those huh!! Until you have bulging biceps, slitted rectus abdominis muscle pack world can be unrelenting and unforgiving when it comes to getting a date :(

But as the saying goes every dark cloud has a silver lining, I had mine. I by an ounce of sheer luck, happen to try my old jeans pant and good news is IT FITS. One of the happiest moments in my life. If I had taken a snap of myself at that moment I am sure it would be the Kodak Picture of the day for the next one year :)

so the 2KM walk brisk walk, 7 days a week(almost) has started to show results. Probably a progression to this would be to start jogging and then swimming and then.....

Hopefully the Purana Jeans episode will rouse the fitness freak in me and drive the point that Health is something worth spending time on and yes hope I achieve the thing that triggered all these events i.e. win a date. Amen.


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