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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Code madness

I happen to flip through couple of papers online while I was in office and what do I see, I see Da Vinci Code everywhere. I see it here, here, here, here and here. Damn what’s wrong with us..

Hindu's are angry with screening of Water, Fire. Hindu community is agitated over the fact that, in the Movie Fire, characters in lesbian relationship have the names Sita and Radha. Muslim community is not happy with a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy in Bombay. The din that was created on filming of Hey Ram and now Christian community is gung ho on banning the Da Vinci Code because it portrays Magdalene as wife of Jesus....

Common guys, what in the world is wrong with us. Can't some amount of fiction sink down our throat? Now I am seriously wondering is the Movie medium so effective that all communities are ready to do anything to stop something that does not comply to there belief, being shown in the movie? I am really curious to know. I am curious to know, are our beliefs so weak that if something contrasting is shown or told to us, we all will simply agree to it and start following it, if not, why all this madness?


  • If you had observed the turn of events carefully, its not the christian community, but it was Our I&B Minister, who is more catholic than the Pope@Vatican(as mentioned in one of the blogs somewhere, i forgot)!

    btw,your blog is flooded with links all over, it would take some time for a cyberly challenged person like me to understand what those links stand for

    By Blogger Chaosrules, at 1:57 PM  

  • Chaosrules,
    >>Our I&B Minister, who is more catholic than the Pope@Vatican<<
    yeah our I&B minister is trying rake in what ever he can from the situation. But I though it was started by so called Catholic "Secular" Forum

    >>Cyberly challenged person like me<<
    HW geek claims to be cyberly challenged...what humbleness :). Damn why did not some of that rub off me

    anyways which links are you talking about? Add to Fav? if so, by clicking on them you can bookmark the post in any of the "social bookmarking" sites.

    >>blog is flooded with links all over<<
    flooded!! I was experimenting with HTML code...does that look that ugly..I better start slimming things on my blog.

    By Blogger Prashant, at 6:23 PM  

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