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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weirdest cosmology theories

Newscientistspace recently has compiled a list of top ten weirdest cosmology theories. you can find it here. I love the "In the Matrix" theory..

Maybe our universe isn't real. Yale Philosopher Nick Bostrum has claimed that we are probably living inside a computer simulation. Assuming it ever becomes possible to simulate consciousness, then presumably future civilisations would try it, probably many times over. Most perceived universes would be simulated ones - so chances are we are in one of them. In that case, perhaps all those cosmological oddities such as dark matter and dark energy are simply patches, stuck on to cover up early inconsistencies in our simulation.

brought back memories of Keanu Reeves, Fishburne and Anne Moss in Wachowski triller trilogy, The Matrix. Probably one of the greatest movie concepts ever.

Lord Shiva's flying arms and legs and the swaying of his torso produce - indeed, they are - the continuous creation-destruction of the universe

I really wonder why there is no mention of our "Cosmic dance theory" of creation/distruction of Universe/life..


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