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Friday, July 21, 2006

Nikon - 10.2 Megapixel DSLR

Nikon have come up with a new 10.2 Meg pixel DSLR which they are planning to release in the market in about 19 days from today. So to create buzz around this new camera, Nikon's advertising team has come up with, yes another teaser ad. You can watch the ad on there homepage

Now this is a typical teaser ad..We have set of flash screens and each screen screaming virtues of the camera like More power, more control, more versatile, more excitement and by the time you reach the last screen a incomplete image of the new camera evolves in the background and the last screen simply says

"integrating quality and affordability to meet the demands of passionate photo enthusiasts"

So we can expect some more interesting details of camera to be revealed as days go by.

Now why did Nikon go for a teaser ad for its latest offering and not a big bang ad campaign involving celebrities? As far as I can think it could be because of;

1) Advertising budget constraint
2) The new offering has nothing new which will earn back the big advertising spend.

though I don't think its budget constraint...We will never know the true reason.

This is not the first time I have seen a teaser ad. We had few good one like Microsoft doing it for there origami ultra-mobile PC, Purvankara with there "magic of Venice" campaign, few ok one like the sahara group doing it for there Amby valley project and few poor one like Kajol doing it for Marie, but if you ask me, the most effective ad I have seen is the Digen Verma teaser which literally pumped life back into Frooti. I still wonder what happened to that guy.

I personally don't think Nikon ad will have the same effect as the "Digen Verma", but what ever happens I will look forward for these 19 days to pass and hopefully at the end of it I will still wear the expression of "aha" and not "ah shucks".


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