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Friday, July 07, 2006

Art of Layoff

One more classic Guy Kawasaki post, "The Art of the Layoff". Lot of "Food for thought" for managers, who unfortunatly are the "chosen one" for distributing the dreaded pink slips. I liked his ideas of

1) Cut deep and cut once
Makes lot of sense, the problem with "trickling" down pick slips now and then is that you will not only get rid of non-performers, but also the good performers will leave because of sense of insecurity.

2) Share the pain
In a lay off, its not always the non-performers who are thrown to the guillotine, but may good performers are shown the door too. So during downtime, its good to do your bit to cut costs so that the chances of good employees being retained increase.

3) Provide support
Very true. Layoff can wreck a person, he will be in flux regarding his social and financial security. So I guess a bit of help from others in what ever way they could, would certainly aid to tide over the difficult times.

pretty good stuff, as usual.


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