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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Philanthropy: fun to say, cool to do

three people all set to change the world

Apart from the ballot box, philanthropy presents the one opportunity the individual has to express his meaningful choice over the direction in which our society will progress.

- George G. Kirstein

Warren Buffett, the investment wizard, made his choice clear when he committed 85% of his staggering $44 Billion(value as of today) personal fortune towards philanthropy. A major pie of it will go to Bill and Melinda's Gate's foundation and rest will be distributed to other philanthropy foundations.

In a world where greed and avarice has become the cornerstone of social structure, here we have a person who simply signed a cheque with nine digit figure towards philanthropy and he does not regret it. That's seriously laudable.

Philanthropy as it is defined is being involved with basic innovations that transform society, not simply maintaining the status quo or filling basic social needs that were formerly the province of the public sector. Now who better can bring about this "basic innovation" other than Bill Gates, the software czar, who at the helm of affairs at Microsoft revolutionized computer industry. He has also decided to "hang up his boots" from his day today activities at Microsoft and get in to philanthropy full time. It can't get any better. So

Bill's brain + Melinda’s compassion + Buffett's Dollars = Work that will put the best of governments to shame.

Terrific team and enough resources in hand, I am sure Gates foundation will redefine "social responsibility"

You can catch up with news of Buffett's record breaking, single largest monitory donation in the history here and here. Also catch up with a interview with the wizard himself here. Also with pride can say that we are not far away when it comes to philanthropy, this beautiful post speaks of how Tata's are redefining "Corporate social responsibility".

Philanthropy, fun to say, cool to do. So go ahead and do your bit in making this beautiful planet a better place for all.


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