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Friday, June 16, 2006

Dilbert collaborates using Cisco MeetingPlace

Cisco has always believed that the network is much more that a cluster of computers talking to each other through tangled mess of cables, for it, it serves as a platform for life's experience...In this regard..recently they pulled a great PR stunt. Get Scott Adams of Dilbert fame to endorse this awesome "rich-media conferencing" solution from Cisco called Cisco MeetingPlace.

Say if you are able to seamlessly integrate voice, video and web conference capabilities using your existing IP network infrastructure then what you get is Cisco MeetingPlace. It will make remote meetings as natural and effective as a face-to-face meeting thus giving tremendous boost in terms of productivity gains and lowering cost.MeetingPlace is not a new product. It has been in Cisco's IP communication system portfolio for quite some time now.

So in this latest initiative called "Corner Cafe: Dilbert Comes to Your Desktop", approximately 90 Cisco customers and partners brainstorm with Scott Adams and watch as he developed their ideas and instant feedback into a Dilbert cartoon strip. You can watch the video of this happening here. Cool stuff right!


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