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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The flying circus of Physics

Jearl Walker

Year: 1977(First Edition)

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Rating :

If you think Physics in not fun, you will reconsider that statement after reading this book. Once in a while you fumble upon a book which you instantly grab your attention. I had a similar experience with this book.

In the book, Jearl Walker enunciates a day-to-day situation and then at the end of it will tease you with a brillant question and then will challange you to explain the physics behind it.

Here are a few good one from the book....

say you are writing on a black board with a piece of chalk and then suddenly you hear a sqealing sound. Now what produces that sound and does it matter how you hold the chalk?

Does the timining of adding sugar or milk or cream effect the time tea takes to cooldown and what is the effect of adding a plastic or steel sppon to it?

and the best according to me....

If all Chinese(soon Indians will also qualify for this elite club) were to jump simutaneously from a height of 6ft, it can send shock waves strong enough to destroy part of USA by causing earthquakes. So if China has to develop this "geopolitical" wepon, what should be the frequency of the jump and does is matter if all the Chinese have to have stiff knees while jumping?

So if you are even wee bit intrested in Physics, then this book is a must read. I would say buy it, its worth it.


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