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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Imponderables: The Solution to the Mysteries of Everyday Life

Book Review* - Imponderables: The Solution to the Mysteries of Everyday Life

Author: David Feldman

Year: 2004

Publisher: HarperCollins

Rating :

This was pending for long time and the mohurat to read this came today because I did not get tickets to any good movie in PVR and parents refused to go out anywhere. So stranded at home, I randomly picked this book from the huge backlog of to-be-read books.

now how many time have you passed by doors that have the sign "ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED", but have you any time pondered if there exists a "NON-MAJOR" or "MINOR" credit card? Personally I had never done it. But David Feldman has done exactly that in this book, ask some really common questions plagueing us in our daily lives and he does not stop there, he goes further and finds not-so-common answers to these, so called, little mystries of modern life.

The book tries to answer some very intresting questions like Why is the right-hand side of a book always odd-numbered? or Why do people look up when thinking? or Why is film measured in millimeters rather than inches? or Why is the NBA shot clock 24 seconds? and some real good ones like Why do Corn Flakes and Sugar Frosted Flakes have the same number of calories per serving? or Why don’t we ever see baby pigeons? or Why do women open their mouths when applying mascara?

Though you will not be satisfied by the answers to all of the imponderables, but will be a good read over a weekend when you lazing at home and have nothing to do.

*All opinions about the book are mine


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