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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bangalore University and the "Syndicate" Rekha

Saying goes as "History always repeats". Around 5000-6000 BC, Lakshmana in Mahabharat drew the famous "Lakshman" rekha to ward off any evil from hurting Sita(Read it as to prevent Ravana from "brutally attacking" women(sita)).Today Lakshman has reincarnated as our "Syndicate" and decided to re-draw the same kind of line, though christened diffently, lets call it the "syndicate rekha".

So what prompted this heavyweight decision? Well there was a sad incident of few lumpish, cerebrally-challenged, disgraceful jerks, who decided to show there non-existent virility by attacking few women in English department of Bangalore university. So as a "proactive" measure, our top brains at the syndicate, to prevent further such grievous attacks have made this collective decision of segregating students based on sex.

Now though I don't support the decision, what I won't do in this post is bawl about it, you will find umpteen number of blog that are better than me in doing it. When I read about this decision couple of days back..I could see the stage of clear helplessness the University is in. On one hand it is fighting a loosing battle to rectify its battered image and on other hand its plagued with problems like dwindling number of students, corruption and to add to the woes, now this this decision comes as a desperate measure to save already battered image of the university from taking further beating.

I am not sure, how segregating the students based on sex in the class room really be a panacea for the issue. I would be eager to hear the justification from the syndicate. I believe the root of the problem is that there is no proper "working" redressal system at the university for ladies, at least I did not hear of one when I was studying. It’s hard to believe that few thugs attacked women all of sudden, there must have been earlier incidents of incitation, probably like whistling or slight. Had the redressal system been good the issues would have been "nipped at the bud" and thus preventing it to reach this stage. Also I guess our primary and secondary education system should try a bit harder to instill in men, values like respect towards women :)… that would solve most of the issues.

Also for heaven sake, I wish top brass of the Bangalore university stops calling it self "Syndicate" the word brings back memories of Sicilian Mafia and Marlon Brando(what a actor!!) as Don Vito Corleone(what a role!!). As a parting imponderable...any idea why don’t they call themselves as "Association" or "consortium" or heck any thing other than "Syndicate"?


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