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Monday, May 22, 2006

Quota quotes

Yesterday I happen to see "Devil's advocate" on CNN-IBN, where Karan Thapar grilled HRD minister Arjun Singh. If you have missed the program, you can catch up with the text format of the interview here and video here.

As the interview progressed it was clear that the honorable minister is one person who has absolutely no clue what so ever as to what he is doing. Our minister does not know;

1) How reservation would help OBC's gain greater access to higher education.
2) What percentage of the population (i.e. percentage of OBC in overall population) would benefit from the reservation?
3) If reservation do happen, our minister is yet to "pick up a chit" to decide the figure for the percentage of reservation.
4) What would be the method to compensate Non-OBC candidates?

Now check this out.. honorable minister says;

-The case for reservation will be decided by the parliament.
-The percentage of the reservation to be given to OBC will be decided by the parliament.
-How to compensate non-obc, non-sc/st casts for the loss of seats due to reservation will be decided by the parliament.
-Also the solutions to address the issues that come as sequel of extending the reservations to OBC's will be decided by the parliament.
-Now if there is consensus on increasing the seats, then whether the increase will happen in one shot or it will happen over time will be decided by the parliament.
-If increasing of seats does not come through then the other methods of compensation will also be decided by the parliament.

I ask, if every aspect of this burning issue is decided by the Parliament, what will our honorable minister do? Now your guess will be as good as mine.

Update :
Medicos of Ahmedabad medical colleges staged mock operation on Arjun Singh - The idea was to study his brain !!

But they found it missing :)


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