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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Duke Nukem - Third person shooter that rocks

Yesterday after office, I happen to "dust" my comp's Hard had been long time and close to 100GB of "dust" had accumulated..while doing so, I found a zipped folder and the name was "Duke Nukem". Holy crap! I had full version of "Duke" installable and I never knew about it.

I have played quite few games(its reduced drastically since a year or year and a half), Max Payne, Half Life, Colin McRalley, NFS, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein etc which are technically more advanced and have better graphics, but still "Duke' doesn't fail to enchant me. Be the gravel tone of Duke when he says "I hate pigs" or the way you go bang bang against the pigs and rescue this sizzling hot digital babe from "Glopp Bombs", the charm of this "third person shooter" still captivates.

So sending a un-maskable interupt to all the jobs I was doing and planning to do, went ahead with installation of this game. Click, click and finish. Game installed successfully. Let the FUN TIME begin..POW, Biff, Bang, Bang, thing is clear..Duke Nukem still ROCKS :)

My best part of the game? I was not able to play much, but from whatever I have played, the best part should be rescuing this hot babe ;) ..

so here we go...

After the first successful rescue MORE "NUKES"!! :) ..

"I love you Prashant Duke, You are my hero"(Shucks! reel life :( . When will this happen in real life)

woooo...BABY, thats some pose

All in all, a great third person shooter... go for it..It may not scale up to the level of Half Life's or the Commando's, but it will sure leave you yearning for more.


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