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Monday, June 12, 2006


I am a great sucker for adventure and action movies. Be it Frodo & Sam approaching Mount Doom to destroy the ring in Lord of the Ring or Luke taking Jedi training from none other than Yoda in The Empire Strikes or Neo's war against the virtual world in the Matrix or Arnold going berserk with his gun in Terminator.. The thought of guns firing, bombs exploding, planes crashing and ships sinking, have always excited me. man...the Adrenalin rush they bring in woooow ...

So when I heard that in "Poseidon", a ship sinks in the cold north Atlantic water and that too in first ten Min's of the movie..I how cool is that..I got to watch this movie. So I did watch the movie last Saturday and the ship did sink in the first ten Min's and so did the movie. What followed was something so "Titanic" (read it as really boring). One loser bunch stays back in so called airlock chamber, which later cracks and all drown and the other bunch of people climb up , few die on the way and the restZZZZzzzzzzzzz. The End.
You really don't see the emotions, you don't see that "shock" on the face when they see a wave hundred of meters high or the "horror" when they see dead bodies floating around. They walk around like they are in a mela and yeah they do seem to get some superhuman strength to do some extremely-difficult-for-common-man feats, when they are completely under water. I wonder how? Isn't North Atlantic water suppose to be really cold?

Anyway, all is not get to see some really good special effects, that's really cool and its typical Hollywood..but had the special effects been supported by some "substance", the movie would have done really well.

So go watch it once, if you haven't. And yes, Don't forget a jumbo pack of popcorn and a big bottle of soft drink, else you will not know what to do in between :)


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