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Monday, June 26, 2006

Winter Corp Survey - Oracle rules in VLDB space

Got this from one of my friend...its relatively old, but quite interesting. Winter Crop through "Winter Crop Top ten program" studies and identifies world's largest operating databases. They have compiled the results for year 2005 in this document. Based on the finding for the year 2005 they haves released this white paper.

Some key highlights from the white paper;

1) The largest DW implementation on SQL Server is 5 times smaller when compared to one implemented on Oracle database.

2) The famous open source database MySQL does not figure in any of the categories, So does PostgreSQL, MaxDB or Ingres

3) DW have breached the 100TB mark.

4) Internet companies Yahoo and Amazon consistently figure in top 5 in almost all categories like database size, data volumes, Rows handled etc.

5) The average size of a DW is expected to increase tremendously in year 2007-08 with close to 12TB in 2005 to around 50TB in 2008. Also the average SQL queries per hour that will be fired against the database is set to leap from average 0.75 million queries per hour to more than 1.5 million queries per hour.

6) oracle has its database for almost all the popular enterprise OS.

Couple of things, I felt were a bit odd when it comes to this survey..
1) Its all Oracle
2) No trace of MySQL..

Second one is really surprising. Friendster and other companies have successfully implemented terabyte databases using MySQL and still it does not figure in the list, wonder why.


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