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Friday, June 23, 2006

Lunch at Golconda Chimney

This week my manager was in Bangalore and to celebrate this occasion(yeah..we hardly get to see him in person and when we do get lucky, like we did this week, we celebrate) we had been to this restaurant called Golconda Chimney for our team lunch and though I would share my two cents about the restaurant.

Name - Golconda Chimney

Address - 42/2 Airport Road, Whitefield, Bangalore East

Telephone # 91-80-28475532 / 6532

Offering - Multi-cuisine(North Indian, Chinese, Hydrabadi)

Rating :

Food -

We started by sipping mock tails...lots of choice is available when it comes to mock tails..We ordered Pina-colada(yep the one with out Rum :) ) and I went with a fruit punch. They served it pretty fast and in a neat "Hurricane glass". I had better Fruit punch in other places, but this was not bad, it had some punch in it.

As we sipped through our mocktails, starters arrived. We had ordered Veg platters. It was not very good and it also lacked variety in types of items served. Along with starters few guys ordered Veg Coriander soup. Again wasn't very good.

The main course was the normal North Indian dishes. It included Dal, couple of Paneer dishes, Roti's and Paratas. Rice item was Zeera rice. Again the taste was decent and nothing great.

Few guys had non-veg and got to know from them that the food was not all that great.

All-in-all an average experience when it come to food.

Ambiance -

Ambiance is decent. You have lot of open space and could be a problem if planning to have your dinner here. There is abundance of fresh air especially if you are sitting in the first floor, which made lunch more enjoyable. They have a decent garden with aesthetically manicured grass and plants. The furniture inside the restaurant is disappointing. Chairs look pretty old and are not very comfortable to sit. Music was mostly Hindi film songs and it was not very audible if you are having your lunch on the first floor.

Cost -

Golconda Chimney does not burn into your wallet. The cost is quite resonable. Our gang of 16 eating veg and non-veg costed us around 5K.

Customer Service -

Service was good and was very fast, though they some times tend to mix up the orders.

Concluding note -

Decent restaurant,but don't expect too much out of it. If you work in and around Outer ring road, you really don't have much choice either.


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