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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oracle and Asktom

Today one of colleague, who has just started with Oracle programming asked for resources on web, where he can get help incase he is struck. I suggested He questioned as to why it was a good site. He was convinced, when I sent this in my reply.

Tom you are doing a great job... Excellent
My personal thanks to you, I got help several times from these pages.

But why you are not taking new question?



i take new questions.

ask_tom@ASKUS> select trunc(timestamp), count(*)
3 where timestamp >= sysdate-20
4 group by trunc(timestamp)
5 order by 1;

--------- ----------
07-JUL-04 8
09-JUL-04 18
17-JUL-04 9
18-JUL-04 2
19-JUL-04 12
24-JUL-04 9
26-JUL-04 9

7 rows selected.

he wrote a query to answer "why you are not taking new question". Thats why its such a pleasure to browse this(his) site.
1) He is precise and gets to the point directly.
2) He gives proof for every claim he makes.
3) He provides very elegant solutions to most problems related to Oracle RDBMS.
4) He comes up with amazing analogies to help break down the complexities of some concepts/issues and make it easy for everyone to understand.

All I can say is go through the site and you will know why he is one of the very best when it comes to Oracle RDBMS.


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