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Friday, July 07, 2006

July Bug fest

Recently I came across this blog which rants about browser bugs, tricks and hacks called Browser fun. The best part of the blog is that right now they are celebrating this month of July as "Month of Browser Bugs(MoBB)". As part of the celebration, they have decided to release one new bug present in MS Internet Explorer on every single day of july month.

I am not a techi guy when it comes to Browser technology, so was wondering..won't the "bad" guys use these exploits to there advantage..I guess blog authors have taken care of it when they say;
The hacks we publish are carefully chosen to demonstrate a concept without disclosing a direct path to remote code execution.

So 31 bugs in 31 days..pretty cool,now will MoBB change to YoBB? now when they can find 31, they can as well find 150 odd more for the rest of the days left in this year and am sure no one would be surprised if that happens.


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