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Monday, July 10, 2006

SKOAR Gaming Expo 2006

Thanks to Yogesh and his cousin, who is part of editorial team of Skoar, I happen to be at the Skoar Gaming expo 2006 this week end.

This was a Dream come true :) . I had never played on a Sony PSP. cool..

Eye-Toy on a Sony Playstation. I wonder how this is different from Nintendo's Wii.

HP Stall

Multi-player Lan setup of Quake 4, brings back memories of engineering college.

Laptop zone- they were playing RoadRash on all laptops, not sure what laptop capability they were planning to demonstrate by playing RoadRash

Windows Media center stall

Intel's stall showing off there latest Dual core preocessor.

What the hell are they doing at a computer game expo?


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