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Monday, September 25, 2006

Steve wanna meet Mr. President

Now I always knew that a strong co-relation exists between showing "gorked out" symptoms(read it as temporary mental impairment) and lots of Oracle and PL/SQL programming. Steve Feuerstein is all set to become "statistics" and is out to prove that. All of a sudden, one fine day, probably one of THE BEST Oracle programmer wakes up and decides to meet the President, to take his measure as a man and human being. yikes!!!(I told you about the co-relation). It does not stop there. He is also blogging about it. You can catch all the meet-the-president adventure of Steve here.

The title of the blog says "I encourage others to follow my path and request such a meeting!". For a sec, it sounded like a awesome and Kalam....Damn! that's when I decided to prepone my vacation. Looks like I need rest.

A more sensible blog from the master can be found here.

PS -
No offence meant to Steve, but I really dont get it..the meeting stuff.

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