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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Job hunt - Continued..

Its been 12 days since I retired(read it as quit the job) and I am loving every moment I am spending at home.. no SQL, PL/SQL performance tuning issues, just me, family, my comp and my rocks :)

I have been polishing/rubbing/shining a antique brass lamp at my place hoping that a genie would appear and I would ask him him/her(effect of Care for girl child ad) to freeze this moment till the end of time. So the brass lamp is shining , mom is delighted, dad -"Doing household work builds character"(Pitru-upadesa(fathers sermons), Chapter 4, verse 7) and gives a pat on my back. Mom is happy, dad is happy and Everyone else is happy,but where is the freaking genie? ah! may be I was expecting too much.

Swallowing the red pill, I came in grips with the grim reality, 2 weeks and no job in hand, this was scary and did not have a ounce of resemblance with the fairy tale world I was living in. So it was time for action, serious action. After my resume was done I had to list down all the things that I should look for in my new job. So drew a Pareto chart(ah! how sophisticated) and picked the top 3, So here we go with the first draft;

1) It should have lots of on site travel opportunities : One thing I cribbed the most in my previous organisation was regarding on site travel opportunities. Being a MNC in India, it was a cost center and PM pinched ever penny possible out of the project plan. This implied travel opportunities were virtually non-existent. My dream in life is to see the world before assuming the Q Position(for the ignorant - its dying with tongue hanging out)

2) It should offer decent pay package : well common I need not comment on this

3) It should offer me some challenging work : How many times it happens that you know exactly what line of code you are going to modify Wednesday of next week at 11:33 am or you suddenly realise that it was in office where you made the highest score in "the fly swatting" flash game. Generally life becomes predictable, I hope the environment at my next job is such that no two days are the same.

It was soon very clear that life is not so easy that it will serve on a silver platter, jobs with all three qualities probably my next step would be to prepare the "compromise list".So here we go again..

1) Lots of travel - bad pay - no challenging work
2) Not much travel - good pay - no challenging work
3) Not much travel - bad pay - challenging work
4) Lots of travel - Good pay - no challenging work
5) Lots of travel - bad pay - challenging work
6) Not much travel - Good pay - challenging work
7) Lots of travel - Good pay - challenging work
8) Not much travel - bad pay - no challenging work

Prashant, epitome for optimism, but what if there is no job at all. Shut up willya. Touchwood :)

Ok let me prioritise these ;

1) Lots of travel - Good pay - challenging work
2) Lots of travel - Good pay - no challenging work
3) Not much travel - Good pay - challenging work
4) Lots of travel - bad pay - challenging work

here are the companies which are hiring people with the skills I have;

Dell, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, ITC Solutions, Cisco, Evident Software, PTC, Covansys, I-Flex, Capgimini etc.

Now that the list is ready, next step would be to classify all the companies which are hiring the skills I have into above mentioned categories.

After doing it( hey wait a sec, what do you mean by after doing it? where is the list. hmm well categorization process as you know involves pain staking research and I don't not wish to reveal it free of cost. Holy crap!!! na...was just kidding..I am just too afraid that people who believe that there company is in the wrong category can hire supari killers and try exterminating me. Oh! you have already hired one. Gosh! what a superfluous expenditure, trust me its not worth it)

So once decision regarding the companies which you are going to target is made its easy from now on..Just apply and pray :)


I had an interview with Evident Software recenty. This is kind of startup in Blore. Have lots of intresting stuff to say. Will do so in the next post.


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