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Monday, October 30, 2006

Internal Blogs

Recently got to know that my previous employer is now making it compulsory for employees to contribute to the company's internal blogs. I believe its probably a great decision..ask why? here are few good things blogs can do

-> I really believe blogs are really a great way to keep in touch with people with similar passion/interests across the organization.

-> When you see videos like that of Anders Hejlsberg, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft(as part of "Behind the Code" series hosted by Barbara Fox on there channel 9), you get to know the kind of influence, people and company can have on others. So Blogs when used properly are great tools to influence others.

->They are great tools which can act as voice of employees. Great ideas or people pissed off with company strategy/policy blogs can speak on behalf of employees

->You are a Oracle guru, then blogs can be great tools for sharing that knowledge with others. They can help in Knowledge management and brainstorming.

->Blogging is probably one of the best way to ask help

->Blogs can be great tools for project management. Here is a good article on the same subject

-> Blogs are better than E-Mail when it comes to initiating discussions on decisions that need to be taken. Say your manager has come up with a new operating model for the team, Initially putting this up on a blog makes more sense than communicating it through email because
- Blogs are more "engaging" while emails tend to just "transmit
- Anyone can comment(even anonymously) and its there for all to see and respond.
- Blog posts can be tagged to appropriate context, which makes it much more easy to archive or search.

These being just a few instances where internal blogs can contribute in positive way, there are many more Avenues of Opportunity that blogs can open, so in light of this, its really a welcome decision.


Check this Scoble post. Interesting point, he makes.

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