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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bangalore weds into Metroblogging Network

After Mumbai and Chennai, Bangalore will be the 45th city to join the Metroblogging network and this is what Sean Bonner,one of the founder of Metroblogging network has to say and I quote;

Bangalore is home to over 6 million people, one of the largest media markets in India, and as of today, is also home to the 45th Metroblogging city. It's our third Indian blog, joining Chennai and Mumbai both which launched earlier this year. Bangalore is often called the Silicon Valley of India and we're excited to add them to our family of global blogs.

hey this is really cool stuff...considering the fact that Metroblogging has been voted as one of the "best on the web" by Forbes and its also one among the other kick ass sites listed in the Technorati's "Popular blogs" list.

So spread the word, let the world awaken to the rich potpourri of colourful social habits, rich cultural heritage, astounding spiritual discoveries and mind boggling varieties of lip smacking cuisine of this little, wonderful land called BANGALORE. Happy metro blogging.


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