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Friday, January 26, 2007

Please welcome ....Jade "tormentor" Goody..clap clap clap

Chaosrules links to this Hindu article, which reports of an open letter by department of tourism inviting Jade Goody to India. Oh lovely!, I for sure whole heartedly appreciate this move by our Indian Tourism Office.

News is that the tourism office recently had sponsored a all India survey and found a very distressing trend in India, inside sources say that the highly confidential survey report paints a grim picture for India for coming decade and warns that if proactive steps are not taken then India would face a severe shortage of people who can come up with "Racist" slur like calling SC/ST's "candidates of poor calibre" or discriminating people based on skin colour.

Grim, indeed is the situation. So as steps to mitigate this issue, Indian Tourism Office has embarked on 'EEE' mission, which in layman terms is "Education, Experience and Exposure". The tourism office, is said, will leave no stone unturned to make sure we don't face any shortage. So as a first step in this regard, it has decided to rope-in services of a foreign consultant, who can bring in wealth of experience.

After the recent Big-Brother incident the tourism office has found the right candidate in Jade Goody. Her skills in making stinging comments find no parallels. Also her recent experience working with a Indian has been a great value addition. She has shown beyond doubt that she has done her research and has a very deep understanding of Indian psyche or how else can someone know that all Indians stay in slums(of course in monkeyland), cannot speak English and all their names end in "Poppadom". How illogical can we Indians be.

As the demand for the above skills is really high these days, the tourism office has moved in quickly. Wasting no time they have written a open letter requesting Jade Goody to visit India and share her expertise with all of us. The open letter reads;

Dear Jade Goody,

Once your current commitments are over, may we invite you to experience the healing nature of India. ... As a beauty therapist, you may be especially interested in visiting one of the many spas where you can cleanse your stresses away, enjoy yoga in the land that invented it and experience Ayurvedic healing, which promotes positive health and natural beauty. ... We look forward to welcoming you soon,

yours sincerely,
India Tourism Office.

For every Indian's good luck, she has expressed her desire to come to India along with channel 4 crew. If you are wondering why channel 4 crew, some reason it out by saying, as her career is in neck-deep of shit, she and Channel 4 are planing to stage a PR stunt in order to salvage what ever they can.

But who cares, Have we ever invited Richard Gere, heck no, he speaks and does good things. Tradition has been that we only invite people like Benny Hinn and torch people like Aadhikanta Daliya and Graham Stains and the tradition still continues..... Welcome to India Jade.


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