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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Xooglers - Bye Bye Ron

One of the most refreshing blog in blogosphere was that of Xooglers. Bunch of Ex-Google employees writing rants about there experience in Google.

One of the feature that kept this blog separated from the heap was there eloquent style of expression and their clever and witty references.If you get to work with some of the best technology brains/evangelists that too in a environment where working on great ideas and technology is a hobby(read it as google), then you will have lot to rant about and world is always ready to hear that out, this rant is what Xooglers is all about.

From now Xoogler bunch(Ron, Greg, Doug) will be short by one(Ron). Ron has made the tough decision of not contributing to this blog any more(Thanks to few dolts on the net), what ever the reason,its sad to see Ron go. I have really enjoyed most of his posts. The bubbliness and energy he puts in to explain something as trivial as technology is amazing.

So Ron all the very best. You will surely be missed on the Xooglers, hope to keep in touch through your personal blog.


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