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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sachin aala re world cup sambhaal Australia...

Talent is what you possess; genius is what possesses you goes the saying and any one who watched our master blaster's innings yesterday cannot agree more with it..watching those sexy strokes that dispatched the balls to boundaries and beyond turned back the clock of memories to days when the whole nation of billion people would come to stand still when the little master used to step on to the 22 yards. Wonder struck I asked is this the same Sachin, Hoi, ka nahi.To Sachin(yes, of course thats Sachin) came the reply.

Not long ago, people(including me to some extent) had written off the little champion saying that the old Sachin is dead and we will never again see that person who single handedly turned the Australian might to rubbles. String of injuries because of which he had to miss 11 Tests and 96 ODIs and the recent personal score card that read more like a string of binary digits rather than a cricketing score did nothing more than add fuel to this fire..

But the God of cricket had other plans for Wednesday, another avatar to take and another leela to enact and boy wasn't it a bliss to watch him. He yet again demonstrated why he is regarded as "unbowlable batsmen of this era". Such were the fireworks that like Lara, all I could do is just stand and admire. With Prince and wizard in the same team you wouldnt expect anything less.


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