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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Speech/Voice recognition and BI

We know of the integrated speech recognition in Vista, where in you can issue voice commands to get some basic tasks done. I recently came across another interesting application of speech(voice) recognition implemented at Midomi.

They have this feature where in you can sing or hum the song or rhythm of the song and their software will decipher it and make a search for users who have uploaded the same song. It also shows you the snippet of the song by original singer and you can go ahead and buy the complete song. You can see the video of how it works here.

Though the results vary depending on the tonal quality of the singer and the application isn't perfect yet(I couldn't get it to find the song I was looking for :(, but then my musical talent is as celebrated as that of Cacofonix by Gauls), but its really a interesting concept and it can be applied to provide easy interface to end users....say for example we have a BI reporting application, instead of user selecting the columns and then submitting the request, he can just issue a voice command like "Get me top 10 customers by sales" or "Show me countries where sales greater than that in India" and the application translates these to appropriate SQL and gets the results..Wonder if anyone is doing some research in this direction.



  • I happened to see a very similar stuff in SAP Tech Ed, where they had a voice activated Order Entry system, which they were planning to extend to other apps too..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 AM  

  • wow cool..thanks for that info...

    By Blogger Prashant, at 1:29 PM  

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